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What We Offer
The Latest in Industry Trends
We keep our chefs abreast of culinary trends through:
Career Recognition/Certification
In a competitive industry such as ours, its important to set yourself apart from the competition. Our certification program, competitions and awards will prove your skills as a professional culinarian and enhance your career opportunities.Learn How
Certification Matters Powerpoint Presentation

Accreditation for Culinary Education
When it comes to educational culinary programs, ACFEF is the national accrediting commission for culinary and pastry education programs at postsecondary institutions and secondary programs.More

An Honor Society
The American Academy of Chefs (AAC) promotes high standards and professionalism for the culinary arts. AAC ensure the future of the culinary industry through mentoring and scholarship programs.More

Representation in International Competitions
ACF Culinary Team USA represents the United States in multiple national and international competitions. ACF Culinary Team USA exemplifies professionalism and creativity and has a long history of gold medals and world titles.More

Access to a Million-Member Intercontinental Society
World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) is a global network comprised of 75 official chefs associations. Every ACF member is simultaneously enrolled in WACS.More

A Fight Against Childhood Hunger and Obesity
As a leading voice in the fight against childhood hunger and obesity, the Chef & Child Foundation provides education and assistance to promote the understanding of proper nutrition.More

Product Quality Assurance
Unlike other culinary product assurance programs, ACFs Seal of Approval program tests for more than just taste. ACFs Seal represents quality in an entire product, including application and ease of use, physical properties and performance.More

A National Apprenticeship Program
To become a skilled culinary professional, hands-on experience is a must. American Culinary Federation (ACF) operates two and three year apprenticeship programs that combine on-the-job training with technical classroom instruction.More