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Board of Directors
Board of Trustees

Executive Director
National ACF President
Thomas Macrina CEC, CCA, AAC
work 610.249.2131

Chairman of the Board
National ACF Treasurer
William Tillinghast CEC, AAC
work 215.405.6757

Paul J OToole CEC AAC
work 484.686.2383

Pierre H. Rausch, CEC, WCC, AAC, HOF
work 484.624.1285

Daniel D’Angelo CEC AAC
cell 800.275.2474 ext: 5720
home 215.487.2993


Chapter Officers

Michael P. McCombe CEC, CCE, AAC

Vice President
Francine Marz CEC

Cynthia McClure CC
cell 610.467.3096

Kathy Salemno HAAC

Recording Secretary
David Lademann

Sergeant of Arms
Bert Proulx


Academy of Chefs Chair
Pierre H. Rausch, CEC, WCC, AAC, HOF
Certification Chair
Christine Neugebauer C.E.C. AAC HOGT
Phone: 610.358.0252
Competition Chair
Tim McLean, CEC
Phone: 215.222.4200 ext#3058
Communications Committee
Christine Neugebauer
Communications Committee
Pierre Rausche

Senior & Welfare Chair
Fred Robinson CEC, AAC
Phone: 610.584.9183

Scholarship Chair
Michael P. McCombe CEC, CCE, AAC
Membership Chair
Bert Proulx
National Certification Committee
Andres Marin CEC
Phone: 267.253.0416
Peter Campbell